11 Toolkit You Need Before Starting A Bike Repair Shop

11 Toolkit You Need Before Starting A Bike Repair Shop
11 Toolkit You Need Before Starting A Bike Repair Shop
11 Toolkit You Need Before Starting A Bike Repair Shop

Most cyclists bring their bicycles to local bikes shops when they need repair. However, it’s always a good idea to at least have the basic tools needed for basic bicycle repair in case you are unable to get the bike to a local bike shop. In this article, I will give you suggestions on building a basic toolkit for basic bicycle repair. I am an experienced bicycle mechanic and I own my own bike repair shop in the town in which I reside in.

  • Toolbox – You don’t need anything special! You can go to Wal-Mart and get a basic toolbox or tool bag for this. Don’t spend a whole lot of money on a 4-foot tall master toolbox because you won’t need that much room for a basic tool kit for basic bicycle repair.
  • Patch Kit – Most of us keep these on our bikes in case of emergency tube repair is required. It’s also a good idea to keep two or three in your basic bike repair kit as well. Keep it in an airtight container so that nothing gets spoiled or dried out.
  • Duct Tape – It’s the universal fix it tool! Duct tape could be used to fix a lot of things even temporary bicycle tire repair and so on. I never use duct tape in my bike repair shop but I still have it laying around just in case I can find use for it.
  • Metric Ratchet Set – A basic metric ratchet set will do you good for basic bicycle repair. I suggest getting ratchets that are big enough and deep enough to fit over items on your bicycle. You don’t need anything special for these. Just basic metric ones – so don’t spend a fortune when it’s not needed.
  • Chain Breaker Tool – Don’t run into a chain problem without a tool to address it. They sell basic chain tools at department stores that sell basic bicycles and they work just as good as the expensive ones. You will probably never use it more than a few times so there is no need to buy the most expensive one.
  • Floor Pump – You might need to air up your tires – get a pump! I recommend spending a little bit more money on a better pump. Get one that isn’t all plastic as they don’t last long and get one with a gauge so you can put in the correct PSI that reads on the side of the tire.
  • Basic Wrench Set – Get you a basic wrench set as there are a lot of components on a bike that use it. You don’t need to buy the best for this – just whatever works.
  • Hex Set – Most bikes have a lot of hex-type bolts on them. Get a metric hex set and or multi-purpose bicycle tool that has them plus some screwdriver tools on them as well.
  • Basic Tools – Screwdrivers, rubber hammer and a tape measure will be nice additions to your basic bicycle tool kit.
  • Tire Levers – These are cheap and they make changing a tire very simple. Get at least three of them which will likely cost you just a couple of dollars.
  • Cable Cutter – You may have to snip some cable from your brakes or gears. I suggest getting a basic cable cutter to help you out.
  • Spoke Wrench – Buy your kit a spoke wrench or two in case you ever need to adjust your wheel or help with truing it.

Thanks for reading my article about basic bicycle repair tools. Even if you don’t plan to work on your bike, having a basic tool kit for emergencies is still a good idea. There are even more tools to add to your kit if you want to go advanced but some of them will cost quite a bit of money. In my repair shop, I have a bike work stand that was over $100 and a wheel truing stand that was near a couple of hundred dollars. If you really want to get into full repair, be willing to spend some money but also amazon helps to cut the prices down a tad bit as well. If you have enjoyed this article, please share it with others who might enjoy it as well and encourage them to comment.

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So what do you think? Do you have a basic bicycle repair toolkit for those unpredicted situations? What other repair tools would you recommend be added to a basic repair kit? Out of all the bike repair tools, which are your favorite and why?
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Marshal Durden
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