The Beginner’s Guide to Road Bike Training

The Beginner's Guide to Road Bike Training
The Beginner's Guide to Road Bike Training
The Beginner’s Guide to Road Bike Training

Have you been looking for a free beginner road bike training guide to catch up on for 2016?

Well look no more, welcome to your free beginner road bike training guide updated for 2016. No more old tips and ancient tactics, its 2015 and you want to take your beginner road bike training skills to the next level. Am I right? Beginner road bike training is 2015 is going to fun, exhilarating, awesome for skill improvement but it’s going to be tough, too. Are you ready for beginner road bike training for 2015? Then let’s get started now…


Beginner Road Bike Training Step 1: Dress like a Cyclist in 2016

You may be doing beginner road bike training but you’re still a cyclist – act like one by dressing like one. Leave the baggy shorts and t-shirt at home and squeeze into those SPANDEX now. Those tight fitting, second skin bike shorts and jerseys are made like that for many reason – performance is one those biggest reasons. They are aerodynamic, lightweight and they wicker sweat and moisture off your body a lot better than those blue jeans of yours.

Get a pair of bike shorts focusing on an 8-panel construction because it will fit better on the shape of your body than other options – the more panels constructed into the short, the better. Bib-shorts are designed to have “overall-type” construction whereas straps go over your shoulders – the bib-short option is preferred among most seasoned and professional cyclists. Be sure to try different shorts out to figure out what pad (or chamois) is best for you – the pad will protect your private parts. Don’t wear anything under bike shorts otherwise you defeat their purpose.

When it comes to other apparel, get what you need for the environmental temperatures. If it’s cold, layers are going to be more efficient than just one thick article of clothing that you might sweat like crazy in and not be able to shed off. Think about all your body parts when choosing cycling apparel for your beginner road bike training efforts in 2015.

Beginner Road Bike Training Step 2: Mod Your Road Bike in 2016

You should have seen me when I first got my first road bike. I had bags all over it, extra reflectors, lights and all sorts of attachments. I did this to basically create a Swiss Army knife of a bicycle – if I needed something on my ride, there I had it. But that isn’t a good practice at all especially for beginner road bike training tactics. The less weight you have on your bike, the better off your beginner road bike training will be.

Now unless you have $10,000 to spend on a fancy full carbon fiber road bike, chances are, your road bike is going to be a standard aluminum styled bike – which is perfectly fine. Those fancy carbon bikes are for racers with plenty of sponsors to buy them it or for those who are practically dependent of bicycles. So if you have a cheaper one made of not so light as carbon materials, focus on what you can remove and not add on to make your road bike lighter in weight.

Like I said, you don’t need a full carbon bike for your beginner road bike training in 2015. You could train, race and win a road race against others riding full carbon bikes because it’s all about your performance and training level. However, if you have the extra money – you can buy different carbon components to make your bike lighter and save a lot of money in the process. Carbon forks, carbon wheel-sets, carbon stems, carbon saddle posts and even carbon water bottle holders are all available to help take extra weight off your road bike if you really want to accomplish this task.

Beginner Road Bike Training Step 3: Ride Your Bike Hard in 2016

I’ve told you to squeeze into your skintight bike apparel. I’ve told you how to make your bike lighter. Now it is time to get into the dirty parts of beginner road bike training – the actual riding. In 2015, throw your newbieness and “wait until next year” attitude out the window because it’s time to actually train this year. Develop a motivation to push yourself to the limits in 2015 and then some. We’re going to focus on speed and we’re going to focus on hills this beginner road bike training session year – get ready, here we go!

SPEED is a big part of beginner road bike training performance enhancing. You need to become a faster rider. Buy a cheap cycling computer that works for speed and install it. Now, while you are riding, look ahead of your path and find various points of interest: stop signs, businesses, intersections and so on. Pretend those points of interest are finish lines and just eat your heart out riding as fast as you can to each point, then take a break by riding slower and then repeat. Use your gears; know your gears and you WILL increase your speed.

HILLS are another great task for beginner road bike training tactics. Find hills in your area (even if they are small, but preferably bigger ones) and attack them. Focus on using the right gears, the right saddle positions (try to stay seated) and climb up those hills like your life depends on it – imagine you are being chased by the bully in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – if he catches you, he is going to take your bike away from you. Attack those hills until they are nothing to you and you will maximize your beginner road bike training and it will also help you lose some extra pounds if you want to lose them.

Beginner Road Bike Training Step 4: Take Care of Yourself in 2016

Your beginner road bike training will for nothing if you fail to maintain yourself in a healthy and athletic manner. Meaning… You shouldn’t be on any sort of drugs, drugs are bad, don’t use them. General rule – if you can live without drugs, then why bother using them? You don’t need to consume a lot of fattening alcoholic beverages either; you’re a cyclist not a drunk. Eat right, drink right and train right otherwise everything you accomplish will be for nothing in the end.

Rest is important for your beginner road bike training as well. You need to make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep and plenty of recovery from your athletic activities. Riding 100 miles 7 days a week isn’t good for you – don’t train like you’re a professional cyclist unless you are indeed actually a professional cyclist. Fatigue can lead to stress and that can lead to poor judgments which can lead to injury and incidents that you probably will regret. Get plenty of rest – you are human after all!

Set a lifestyle goal when you begin your beginner road bike training season. Setting goals along with your training efforts will help you success as a cyclist. Maybe you want to lose weight – that is an ideal goal to set. Maybe you want to master hill climbing – that is a goal to keep in mind. Maybe you just want to ride 3,000 more miles in 2015 which beats your 2014 record, again, another great goal to set. Setting these goals will give you extra motivation and proper skills to maintain yourself in 2015.

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