Supporting Rail Trails is Every Cyclist’s Responsibility!

Supporting Rail Trails is Every Cyclist’s Responsibility!
Supporting Rail Trails is Every Cyclist’s Responsibility!
Supporting Rail Trails is Every Cyclist’s Responsibility!
Supporting rail trails will do more good for cycling than not supporting rail trails at all!By supporting rail trails, you are effectively advocating cycling. There are some cyclists, especially road cyclists that basically shun the idea of supporting rail trails because it take attention away from improving road cycling infrastructures. However, in reality, supporting rail trails is doing more good for cycling than it is doing badly for it. Continue reading this article to learn more about why you should be supporting rail trails in your local area…

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Supporting Rail Trails is Cycling Advocacy

The more people, cyclists that is that is supporting rail trails means more attention will be placed on the rail trails of your region. Rail trails are old rail road system converted into biking and multi-use paths in case you are confused on what they are. But to get back on topic, if we start supporting rail trails more often, policymakers and city planners are going to start to take notice and suggest ideas to improve cycling in other areas including expanding other rail trails and creating new ones. It is a start because it will make a community more cycling-friendly and that will open up other opportunities to improve the overall cycling infrastructure for a community.

Supporting Rail Trails will Increase Cyclists

I’m a road biker and I love cycling on the road with traffic and I expect to be considered as a motor vehicle driver as well. However, not all cyclists are like me especially new one and families with young children. If we are supporting rail trails enough to where further official attention is given to them, we are essentially promoting cycling and opening up doors for more people in our areas to get into cycling. This is because most rail trails are safe for beginner cyclists, families and children to ride on. That is a start because eventually these folks will wish to explore other areas of cycling. I know this based on experience as I essentially started out as a rail trail type cyclist.

Supporting Rail Trails is Good for the Local Economy

I live in the southern portion of Illinois, a very rural and country-like environment when comparing to areas in the northern portion of the state. While it’s a cycling paradise down here and it’s peaceful, it is still poor and many local economies are well below the poverty line. Supporting rail trails can actually support the local economy in many positive ways. Supporting rail trails will essentially get more people to become aware of such trails and they will start to visit and ride on them. These folks will also spend money at local stores and businesses where these rail trails often reside as well. This will help grow the economy of the area and help people rise up beyond the poverty line.

Are you Supporting Rail Trails in your area?

What rail trail are in your area and how big are they? What are you doing in terms of support rail trails in your area? Please comment below with your thoughts, ideas, opinions and questions about supporting rail trails.

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Marshal Durden
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