How to Stay Hydrated While Cycling

How to Stay Hydrated While Cycling
How to Stay Hydrated While Cycling
How to Stay Hydrated While Cycling

The one most important tip I could give you from my own cycling experience is to stay hydrated while you are biking. Hydration alone will be a key factor in determining whether or not you experience a good bike ride or a bad bike ride. It is important to drink plenty of fluids while riding for many reasons especially in terms of promoting good health and for energy.

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It’s easy to forget to hydrate!

I remember one race I did where I suffered from my first case of full scale dehydration. I did a biathlon where I ran 3.1 miles (often called a 5K run) and I biked 18 miles right after it. It was my first real competition so I was nervous and I wanted to finish it. In transition of running to biking, I forgot to do something crucial for the race, which was drinking some water. Well I got a couple of miles down on the road bike before having to pull over and dry heave from the dehydration. Being dehydrated is a horrible experience. After that (I finished the race barely), I made sure I hydrated during all my rides, short or long, casual or racing – all of them!

Hydrate when you are not thirsty!

Drink water and sport drinks when you are not thirsty, especially if you are cycling. Just because you are not thirsty, doesn’t mean your body needs to be hydrated! If you are riding for several hours a day, you need to make sure you stay well hydrated. For every hour you ride your bike, you should be drinking a full water bottle of liquid. If you plan to ride a longer ride, plan a route that has plenty of stops where you can get water. Most gas stations will give you water from the tap for free so that is something to keep in mind. If it’s there and it’s free, then take it and stay healthy!

Hydrate with water too!

If you are like me, then you bring a bottle of sports drink with you on your rides. I bring a water bottle full of Powerade or Gatorade along with me on my rides. While those types of sports drinks are good for replenishing electrolytes and that, they are NOT water replacements! Your body requires a certain amount of water in order for you to survive. You need to be bring actual water with your as well. When I road bike, I have two water bottles, one is full of Powerade or Gatorade and the other is full of water. That is a setup that many cyclists use and you should consider it too. When I am mountain biking, I usually take a 1 little hydration backpack with me as well and store water in it, too. The more work you are doing on your bike, the more water you need to be drinking.

Thanks for reading my blog about staying hydrated while on the bike. I really hope it has helped you learn something today after reading it. If I have helped you with this article, then I am very happy because I blog to serve you but if you want to help show me support, all you have to do is invite other cyclists to read and comment on my blog.

Your turn! Did this article give you any ideas about staying hydrated on your bicycle? Have any of you ever had an encounter or close call with dehydration before? How do you stay hydrated on your bike?


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Marshal Durden
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