How to Decrease Boredom While Biking Alone

How to Decrease Boredom While Biking Alone
How to Decrease Boredom While Biking Alone
How to Decrease Boredom While Biking Alone

Do you get bored when you are road biking alone?


Road biking alone can be boring and it can be quite lonely especially if you have ridden your road bike with other riders. However, sometimes road biking alone is the only choice that you have in order to continue your cycling fitness or training for that big race coming up. Road biking alone should never cause you to quit riding just because you have no one to ride with. Road biking alone might be boring but there are plenty of ways to overcome the boredom and make road biking alone actually a fun experience each and every time you do it.

Please continue reading this article to learn more about overcoming boredom and loneliness when road biking alone.

Challenge Yourself When Road Biking Alone

When you are road biking alone, it really is the perfect time to start challenging yourself. Choose a landmark on the road such as a street sign or a tree and fantasize that you are racing with another cyclists and trying to get to the finish line before they do – race your way to your chosen object. Then choose another object and do it again and again but do pace yourself and don’t overwork your cycling goals. Road biking alone brings about more challenges such as if you want to beat a certain distance you have done or try to focus on increasing your total ride speed and decreasing your time and so on.

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Explore Around When Road Biking Alone

So you are road biking alone and you take the same route that you always take – talk about boring! Instead of taking the same route over and over again, why not use your time road biking alone to discover new routes and explore your local area? You don’t have to worry about another rider not liking the route changes or not being comfortable with a new route – you’re road biking alone so it is just you who is doing the effort to explore new routes. Find new routes, go down different roads and have fun seeing new areas to ride in and then let all your riding buddies know about the new route later on down the road.

Road Biking Alone is Great for Photographers

I consider myself an amateur photographer and I love shooting photos when road biking alone. When you are biking with another rider, they don’t want you to slow them down because you have to stop to take a picture of a frog. When you are road biking alone, there is no one there to complain about all of your stops to shoot various pictures of various things along your route. If you love taking pictures, when road biking alone, you have a perfect opportunity to start doing it.

Entertainment When Road Biking Alone

If you have an MP3 player or something similar, road biking alone is a great time to take it along. You can listen to music, learn a new language or even listen to your favorite radio station. When you are road biking alone, all you have to entertain is yourself so why not actually entertain yourself? Word of warning though, if you use music devices, be sure that you are not killing the sound out around you because road biking alone around cars and not hearing them is a terrible and unsafe idea.

Do you like Road Biking Alone?

Do you find yourself road biking alone more than you find yourself riding with other cyclists? What are some other ways that you keep yourself happy when road biking alone?

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