The Definitive Guide to Bike Size For Adults And Kids

The Definitive Guide to Bike Size For Adults And Kids
The Definitive Guide to Bike Size For Adults And Kids
The Definitive Guide to Bike Size For Adults And Kids
Looking for guidance on what size bike you need? Then, you’re in the right place. We have 8 bike sizing charts that have been put together by the FoldTheBike experts. They are simple to follow and should help you choose the right size bike that will give you an enjoyable ride.

Below are bicycle sizing guides for the following types of bikes:

1 – Mountain (men)
2 – Mountain (women)
3 – Road (men)
4 – Road (women)
5 – Hybrid
6 – Triathlon and Time-Trial

7 – BMX
8 – Children


Mountain Bikes Explained – Read our expert guide on all things MTB.

Mens-Mountain-Bike-Sizing-Guide-2 Womens-Mountain-Bike-Sizing-Guide-1What are Mountain Bikes?

A mountain bike is a relatively new design of bike with the first such bike appearing in the 1970s. They are characterised by a sturdy frame, broad deep-treaded tires and built-in suspension. Originally designed for riding on mountainous terrain, the bikes are as good a commuter option as they are for use off-road.

What are they good for?

Designed with shock-absorbing features and better braking systems, mountain bikes offer riders the opportunity to ride over much more challenging terrain such as dirt trails, rocks and uneven forest ground. Tyres on a MTB have more pronounced tread, so they can give the bike better grip, better balance and a more comfortable ride on relatively hard terrain. While good for trail and off-road riding, many people use mountain bikes to ride to work to as well as follow leisure pursuits. Mountain bikes are seen as a good fun ride as riders can take more risks with the bike due to the sturdiness of the build.

How do I choose a MTB?

As mountain bikes have evolved, the bikes have become lighter, more durable and offer increased adjustability to parts on the bike. For instance there has been much development in the suspension element of mountain bikes. The more you pay for a bike, the more refined the performance of the bike is. So for example, a full suspension bikes can add extra shock absorption which leads to a better riding performance.

The type of off-road biking you do will also play into mountain bike choice. City use with some off-road riding does not really need a full suspension MTB. Here a hybrid bike may be better or an entry level recreational mountain bike that only has basic front-fork suspension. For trail riding, downhill, and trick riding, the weight of the bike is an issue as is the amount of suspension travel needed. Travel refers to how much movement a suspension mechanism allows.

Looking for guidance on what size Mountain Bike you need? Find out the right size for you on our bike sizing guide.


Road Bikes Explained – Read our guide to Road Bikes.

Road-Bike-Sizing-Guide-1 Womens-Road-Bike-Sizing-Guide-1

What are Road bikes?

Road bikes as the term sounds are built to ride long distances on roads. The frame on such bikes are lightweight, tyres are narrow so to provide the least rolling resistance possible and the seating position for the rider is based on offering the most aerodynamic position possible. Road bikes also have a wide range of gearing available to allow the riding performance to be as comfortable as possible, whether riding up hills or going as fast as possible on the flat.

What are Road bikes good for?

Road bikes are good for commuting, long-distance/event rides, touring and racing, while also being a good fitness tool. While they can handle off-road terrain, the narrow tyres and lightweight frame don’t offer good grip, balance or riding comfort on such terrain and is not advisable for this type of riding.How do I choose a Road bike?The more you pay for a road bike, the more likely that the bike has better gearing and other componentry. Frames also become lighter. This very much suits a rider who is using the bike for long rides and racing. On the other hand, a commuter would be best advised to go for an entry level option. Touring road bikes tend to have a heavier and sturdy frame and flat handlebars to give a rider a more comfortable riding position than the usual drop-handlebars that feature on road bikes.

Looking for guidance on what size Road Bike you need? Find out the right size for you on our bike sizing guide.


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Hybrid Bikes Explained – Click here to read our Hybrid Bike Guide

Hybrid-Bicycle-Sizing-Guide-1 Triathlon-Bicycle-Sizing-Guide-1

What are Hybrid bikes?

Hybrid bikes are what you’d get if you crossed a road bike with a mountain bike. Featuring a road frame, these bikes usually have a heavier frame, a more relaxed geometry and usually bigger wheel sizes with wider tyres.

What are Hybrid bikes good for?

Hybrid bikes are ideal for commuting and leisure riding over shorter distances. As these bikes usually have a flat or riser handlebar, the bikes give a more upright riding position. Saddles tend to be bigger and more comfortable to suit the riding that takes place on such bikes.

How do I choose a Hybrid bike?

With a relaxed geometry, a hybrid bike doesn’t really offer many differences from one to another. Most hybrid bikes will suit most rider types, build and height. Some bikes have fixings for racks and fenders which boosts its commuting appeal.

Looking for guidance on what size Hybrid Bike you need? Find out the right size for you on our bike sizing guide.

BMX Bikes Explained – Read our BMX Bike Guide

BMX-Bike-Sizing-Guide-1 Kids-Bike-Sizing-Guide-1

What are BMX bikes?

BMX Bikes are compact small-sized bikes that have 20-inch wheels and wide tyres. There are no gears on BMX bikes with the bike always being single speed.  BMXs are now more commonly associated with stunt riding but they are a good learner bike for children. BMXs have a few different styles of riding which can mean completely different configurations, parts, and geometry for that style of riding.

What are BMX bikes good for?

BMX bikes are highly maneuverable which makes them good for stunt riding, racing and freestyle riding. BMXs are seen as fun bikes for play though many young adults still ride them for commuting purposes also.

How do I choose a BMX bike?

Much depends on the type of riding you do. Race bikes are light and built from aluminum. Dirt jump bikes have longer frames to give more stability with thicker tyres to handle off-road surfaces. Freestyle and street BMXs are built with tougher frame materials and have several features that allow for more flexible stunt riding such as a rear brake detangling system. This allows you to do tricks whilst still being able to operate the braking system.

Looking for guidance on what size BMX bike you need? Find out the right size for you on our bike sizing guide.

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