The Unexpected Advantages of Buying a Folding Bike

The Unexpected Advantages of Buying a Folding Bike
The Unexpected Advantages of Buying a Folding Bike
The Unexpected Advantages of Buying a Folding Bike

Folding Bikes used to be heavy, hard to ride, slow to fold, and once in a while, it collapsed in a heap. In early 90’s Rail operators and Airline companies began to tighten their restrictions on conventional bike carriage. But, foldable bikes and hand luggage continued to travel without any restriction and this is how folding bikes came into fashion.

Today, there are thousands of folding bikes with different features and mechanism available to purchase in the market. People choose it based on factors such as speed, ease, weight, size, riding experience, and price.

Folding bikes are designed for compact storage and transportation. It needs limited space to store whether it’s at your home or your workplace. Folding bikes are also great partners to the commuter for their daily travels.

Being environmental friendly mode of transportation it doesn’t pollute nature like cars and other vehicles running on gas. It also gives daily exercise to bikers that lead to healthy life.

What is the best folding bike? Follow our detailed guide to find the best commuter bike for you Best Folding Bike Reviews 2017.

They are Easy to Fold & Store

Folding bikes are built for saving space at home or office. The main benefit is compact, lightweight and comfort, it is designed for not only city life use but it also gives ease to travel around anywhere with it.

It takes few seconds to fold it. It can be stored in your apartment, or your garage. Since they take much less space you can keep it in your cupboard or under the stairs or even put it on your balcony.

Whereas in office, you can store it under your office desk or just keep it on one side of the corner.

While traveling you don’t need to worry about taking it upstairs since it is low in weight you can carry it like a suitcase, everywhere you go.

Folding bike are easy to carry
Women on elevator With Folding Bike

They are Easy to Carry

It can be folded into half, or even smaller, much smaller than the original size. It is lightweight and can be carried anywhere easily in buses, trains, planes and boats without any trouble.

Most of the folding bikes are made of aluminum frame and fork for low weight and excellent rigidity. Even after a whole day of hard work you can carry it with yourself easily from climbing stairs to getting into the bus, It easily fold’s up and can travel with you anywhere.

Many brands have also focused on prioritizing comfort. Nowadays you can enjoy features same as a normal city bike. A comfy saddle grip-shift gear controls and even mudguards to protect you from slashes. There are also front and rear planners available with brands like Btwin and others.

They are Thief-Proof

It is safer than the traditional bikes as you can fold the bike and keep under your desk and forget about it. While the traditional bikes are typically chained and locked and kept outside so the constant worry of getting stolen is always there.

Even at pubic places or train stations, every bike lock has the potential to be busted at some point but no one can steal your folding bike from under your feet!

They are Cost Effective

Folding bikes are like a one-time investment, once you get it you can save lots of money, potentially you can save money from petrol bills or public transport cost. If you think in a long run the total cost of traveling on a bike would be negligible compared to the daily expense of traveling around in a car, train, bus or taxi.

It also has a very high margin in resale value so when you no longer need it, you could sell it without any loss.

They are Bike for all Occasions

Folding bikes are designed for city living. It is the go-to bike for urban cycling. It can be used to roam around town or go to a library.

Its technical feature makes it reliably effective option for a regular journey or a city tour.

It also helps dramatically to decrease the environmental pollution. On an average about one mile of cycling would save 3.6 pounds of pollution from being generated by a car.

Not just that, cycling regularly can help you improve your health and body stamina. By cycling, you will need force and energy to push the vehicle along, it is same compared to the regular exercise that you do in a gym. It also increases the cyclist’s overall endurance.

Folding bikes are considered one fit for all as It is designed to fit a wide range of riders. The long seat post and adjustable handlebars of folding bike can be moved up and down for shorter and taller person. They usually have a very low top-tube so it can be easily adjustable for shorter or taller person with ease.

Lastly, if you are a traveling on your folding bike and you’re short of time or you’re tired after long-hour of work you can always take public transport instead!

With its numerous advantages, folding bikes will continue to develop and seduce increasing numbers of both city dwellers and tourists. If you are already folding bike fanatic, I would love to hear about your experience and reasons why you love it!


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Marshal Durden
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