5 Cycling Gears to Buy After Buying a Folding Bike

5 Cycling Gears to Buy After Buying a Folding Bike
5 Cycling Gears to Buy After Buying a Folding Bike
5 Cycling Gears to Buy After Buying a Folding Bike

Do you need to know the best cycling gear to buy after you get a bicycle?

In order to have the best possible experience you can have with cycling, you need to have the basic and best cycling gear that you will need for your riding adventures. The best cycling gear listed in this article is for both folding road biking and folding mountain biking riders or those of you in-between those riding disciplines. You need to get the best cycling gear you can find so that you can enjoy each and every ride you take and that will enhance your experience and love for cycling. A lot of riders skip out on the best cycling gear and use very little and they are commonly ones who end up not cycling all that much and fall back into bad health habits. Keep on reading this article for more information about the best cycling gear to buy after buying a folding bike…

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Best Cycling Gear #1: Cycling Apparel

First thing first, protect your body from chaffing and muscle fatigue by buying a good pair of cycling shorts, a jersey and cold weather apparel if you plan to ride when it is cold. The higher end bike shorts will have 8-panels and with fit your body a lot better than the lower end ones. For a good jersey, bike shorts and arm & leg warmers – you are looking at a cost of about $120 which is well worth the comfort.

Best Cycling Gear #2: Bike Helmet

Spend $30 to $100 on a good bike helmet – the price shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to protecting your brain from smacking off the pavement or a jagged rock. If you want to risk going riding without a helmet, you need to get your affairs in order because you could die or be seriously injured to the point where you will no longer be able to take care of yourself. Many deaths that occur from cycling are from stupid riders who are not wearing a helmet – don’t be stupid.

Best Cycling Gear #3: Water Bottle

Get a water bottle or two and a water bottle cage if your bike didn’t come with one. It is important that you keep yourself hydrated while riding your bike. You should even take a drink when you are not even thirsty. For road biking, a simple water bottle is going to be all you need (maybe even two of them) but for mountain biking, you might also want to look into getting a hydration backpack as well. This will all cost you probably under $20.

Best Cycling Gear #4: Repair Products

You are pretty much your own mechanic when it comes to your bicycle breaking down on a ride. You need to purchase the right tools and supplies for those moments when you need to change your inner-tube, patch a tube, break your chain and so on. I suggest buying a small saddle bag to fit under your saddle and fill it with content like a multi-repair tool, patch kit and 1-2 inner-tubes that are specific to your bike. You might also pack a chain-breaker tool and some tire levers as well. This should cost you under $50.

Best Cycling Gear #5: Lights

Whether you are planning on cycling at night or not, some of the best cycling gear is the gear that keeps you safe on the road. Lights are good to have even during the day because it is one more thing that will help car drivers notice you quicker. If you are a path or mountain biker, lights are still good because you never know what might happen to cause you to have to stop riding and not get back until after dark. You should be able to buy a cheap set of front and rear lights for under $30 at most large retail stores such as Wal-Mart and that is really all you will need.

What is some other best cycling gear out there?

What other best cycling gear would you recommend to riders after purchasing their bikes? Out of the best cycling gear listed above, what all gear do you have and what gear do you not have?

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